Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the World: Monuments

Portugal is the only country in the world with classified heritage in three separate continents. The 27 chosen monuments are situated in 16 countries and are a reason of pride for all Portuguese people. They represent our courage, our ingeniousness and dedication. Choosing the New 7 Wonders of Portugal in the World is to divulge and protect a heritage that belongs to us but also to all of humanity. The results of the contest was been revealed in a ceremony that happened on the 10th of June of 2009, the Portugal National Day.

List of Monuments submitted to vote:

África / Africa

Etiópia - Cidadela de Fasil Ghebi / Fasil Ghebbi
Gambia - Ilha de James / James Island
Gana - Fortes e Castelos em Volta, Greater Accra / Accra Strongholds and Castles
Marrocos - Cidade Portuguesa de Mazagão / Portuguese city of El Jadida
Moçambique - Ilha de Moçambique / Mozambique Island
Senegal - Ilha de Goreia / Island
Tanzânia - Ruínas de Kilwa e de Songo Mnara / Ruins

América do Sul / South America

Argentina e Brasil - Missões Jesuítas dos Guarani / Guarani Jesuit Missions
Brasil - Centro Histórico de S. Salvador / S. Salvador Historic Centre
Brasil - Centro Histórico de S. Luís / S. Luís Historic Centre
Brasil - Centro Histórico de Diamantina / Diamantina
Brasil - Centro Histórico de Goiás / Goiás Historic Centre
Brasil - Centro Histórico de Olinda / Olinda Historic Centre
Brasil - Centro Histórico de Ouro Preto / Ouro Preto Historic Centre
Brasil - Santuário do Bom Jesus de Matosinhos em Congonhas / Sanctuary
Paraguai - Missões Jesuítas de Trinidad do Paraná e Jesus de Tavaranque / Trinidad do Paraná and Jesus de Tavaranque Jesuit Missions
Uruguai - Bairro Histórico da Colónia de Sacramento / Colónia de Sacramento Historic Neighborhood

Ásia / Asia
Bahrain - Sítio Arqueológico de Qal at al-Bahrain / Qal at al-Bahrain Archaeological Site
China - Centro Histórico de Macau / Macau Historic Centre
Índia - Igrejas e Conventos de Goa / Churches and Convents of Goa
Sri Lanka - Cidade Velha de Galle e suas Fortificações / Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications
Malásia - Centro Histórico de Malaca / Malaca Historic Centre

The winners were:
The Diu fort, the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa, Mazagão Fortress in Morocco, Santiago Old Town in Cape Verde, Saint Paul Church in Macao (China), St. Francis Convent in Ouro Preto (Brazil), and another convent by the same name in Salvador da Baía (Brazil).

A total of 239,418 people participated in the selection, voting through the Internet and telephone.

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