Sunday, August 23, 2009

Luis wants to go to Antarctica

No, is not me, is another Luis, Portuguese, as well, and he is fascinated by Antartic. Now his dream can becomes a reality, just needs your vote. Let's do it!


From his blog:

You collect polar regions books and dvds ? Global warming in a freezing cold place? Penguins are cute but to have them all over your apartment is a bit too much no ? What can you possibly want to see down there?

Along the past 10 years I have been trying to answer some of the above questions and explain people why I have this fascination for the Antarctica, why this dream!

Hi, my name is Luís, I’m a 28 years old Portuguese guy, I have two sisters and one brother, all born and raised in a small town in the North of Portugal called Vila Real! I work in IT and for fun I host a radio show and write a personal blog, kind of a tragic and comic life diary.

My friends say it’s a crazy cool dream and my family is already used to my strange ideas, so now I just need to convince you I'm the man for the job!

What I can promise:

- I’ll not omit any personal details which in my case are normally hilarious! If a penguin "bites" my *ss for example…you’ll know how bad it felt!

- Feelings in words, images and sounds. My camera and microphone are ready, hope they don't freeze down there!

- I will use this unique opportunity to spread the word on how global warming is affecting the Antarctica environment and how this is already affecting us. We shall and will do better in order to preserve our amazing world.

- This will be our adventure so I'll try to learn and share everything the best way I can.

If I get that call and hop into a Quark expedition to a polar region, I can assure you: “It’s gonna be legendary” ;)

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  1. Hi Luis

    I voted for you and got my friends to vote for you too. Im so excited for you YOU DID IT!!!

    Hope you have a great time obsorbing everything..

    take care and enjoy....