Thursday, December 31, 2009

ALAND - Postcard from Mariehamn,Aland to Braga, Portugal

Official Aland Post maximum postcard sent on December, 16 2009.

Christmas stamps from Aland

The stamps have different denominations to fit as postage on greetings to friends both in Aland and abroad.

In 2009, the denomination Julpost (Christmas postage) equals ˆ0.60 in 2009, which is the appropriate postage on Christmas greetings within Aland and to Finland and Sweden during a limited period in November and December. When the future postage for Christmas greetings increases, so does the value of stamps with the Julpost denomination. The denomination Varlden (the world) of the other stamp may be used on mail up to 20 grams to any destination in the world.

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