Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GERMANY – Cover from Mülheim / Ruhr, Germany to Braga, Portugal.

Cover with special postmark ‘Oberhausen Local Hero Woche’ commemorative of the 35th Anniversary of German Philatelist Youth over 0.70€ stamp from the ‘650 Städtehanse’ issue, posted on July, 31 2010.
(Special thanks to my friend Igor)

650 years Hanseatic Cities

650 years Hanseatic Cities 1356, representatives of several commercial cities in Lübeck in order to agree on a common strategy to enforce their trade interests and regional rulers. This meeting is now regarded as the founding of the League of Hanseatic Cities. Their main trade routes extended from London to Bruges and to Reval (now Tallinn in Estonia) and Novgorod (Russia) over the entire North and Baltic Sea region. But many inland cities such as Cologne and Halle an der Saale were integrated into the trading ring. In its heyday (until about 1400) combined the Hanseatic cities to 200 cities under the leadership of Lübeck.

Design: Joachim Riess, Chemnitz
Image: Drawing Hansekogge: © German Maritime Museum Bremerhaven; background drawing: © Germanic National Museum Nuremberg
Value: 0,70 EUR
Printing: Multi-colored, combined Stichtief/Offset print of the Austrian State GmbH, Vienna
Size: 46.00 x 27.32 mm
Paper: Coated white, fluorescent paper, postage stamps DP 2
Date of issue: 07 September 2006

The stamp is from a joint issue with Sweden.

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