Tuesday, March 29, 2011

USA – Cover from Charleston, USA to Braga, Portugal.

Cover with stamp of 0.98 USD from the 2009 Environment & Conservation (National Parks) stamps issue, representing the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming posted on March, 21 2011.
(Special thanks to my best friend Joel Castro)

Charleston - Shout Caroline
Civil War - Charleston
Stamps set
Technical Details
Date of Issue: 28 June 2009
Values: 2 stamps of 0.79USD and 0.98USD
Subject: Environment & Conservation (National Parks)
Zion National Park, Utah
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Process: Offset
Size: 40.0 mm x 24.5 mm
Perforation: 11 x 11
Sheet: self adhesive stamps in sheets of 20

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