Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three years after… time to make some statistics.

Born of a conversation with my wife, I found myself initially reluctant, on which interest could have a general blog on letters and postcards exchanged with friends around the world.
This initial doubt turned out this blog as the most visited and participated in my blogs.
To all, many thanks for your regular visits.

Now the stats...

Three years old
A total of 820 posts published
111 registered followers
Visitors from 139 countries
14694 unique visitors (812 in Portugal)
More than 45,000 page viewers
Daily average of 20 visitors
Mostly in the northern hemisphere
United States as the country with the highest number of visits (7166)
UAE the country with the last new visitor (today!)
Benin is the newest country (last visited November 10, 2011)
Blog ‘timbre ma philatélie’ the visitor that most often visited my blog with 708 hits
2862 references on Google
Windows© as the OS of choice for page viewers (89%)
Internet Explorer© as the most widely used browser (52%)

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