Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Stamps Issue Plan (without dates)

The ‘Escola do Exército’ – 175 years
Guimarães – European Capital of Culture 2012
“Aqui Há Selo”
Traditional Portuguese Festivities (Definitives 2nd group)
The Word and the Image
Major Characters of Portuguese History and Culture
Projects and Engineers
The Douro River
Fajãs – Azores
Levadas – Madeira
Europa 2012 – Visit…
1st Humorists Exhibition – Centenary
European Football Championship
The Instituto de Ciências Sociais – 50 years
Olympic and Paralympic Games
The Venus Transit 2012
Fado (2nd group)
Portuguese Cathedrals (1st group)
Erasmus – 25 years
Communicate with colors
Flavors of the Air and the Fire
Joint issue Portugal – Brazil
School Mail

ATM labels
2012 International Year of Cooperatives
2012 Year of the Sustainable Energy for All

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