Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Douro River

Set of stamps
Souvenir sheet
 Many centuries ago, Douro became a communication route, thus allowing the world to discover an area of unique beauty. If the discovery of Douro as World Heritage takes its course, there is still a lot to be rediscovered of the many wonders that the river can provide in a journey of the senses in which man chooses the speed. Here, time does not condition us, but is rather an opportunity to recharge our batteries and regenerate the mind and spirit through the water element associated with all others swarming around the river. In fact we do not have a single Douro, but many variations that traverse it in a palette of colours, experiences and contemplation. The heritage, the landscape, the vineyards, the bridges, the railway track and the elusive arrival at the estuary and at Porto make this river trip an experience of emotions and feelings that only poets can venture to describe. The river, as a channel of communication and transportation, is a key element in the territorial cohesion, and in the social and economic development of the region. It became a channel of access and opportunities. From the International Douro to the Foz, the path is different and surprising even for those who think they know the river and its landscape! The various “Douros” appear in a sequence of colours revealed in this philatelic issue in a unique way, ennobling the vision of the river and offering every viewer a unique experience and feeling.

Technical Details
Date of Issue: 30 July 2012
Values: stamps of 0,32€, 0,57€, 0,47€, 0.68€ and 0,80€
Designer: Atelier Whitestudio
Printer: Joh. Enschedé, The Netherlands
Process: 4 Colours
Size: 30,6 x 40,0 mm
Perforation: Cross of Christ 13 x 13
Paper: FSC 110 g/m2
Sheet: with 50 stamps
Souvenir sheet: with one stamp of 3,00€

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