Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Portuguese Engineering

Souvenir sheet
First Day Cover with stamps   (I)
First Day Cover with stamps (II)
    Over time, Engineering and Engineers have played a role of stimulating progress, of projects leading to innovation, from engines to the development of society and the economy, breaking many barriers, many of which were natural ones, in order to advance humanity.
They are not the only agents of change, but they are elements in the first line of this movement. Earlier on, when Engineering had not yet been formally and conceptually constituted as such, the survival and conquest of Man had already depended on clever devices.
As time went by, it was mainly with the 1st Industrial Revolution that the indispensability of a class that would bring large-scale production, communications, machinery and equipment became evident, and from then on, Engineering would multiply activities and specialties of its art without ever stopping until the present day.
The issue of these stamps represent the engineering specialties formally structured in the Order of Engineers and those that historically bring together the greater representativeness in the country, both in terms of professionals, and in terms of interventions and achievements in Society.
What better model to represent Engineering if not the ways in which it is expressed?
The essence of Engineering and also its most fundamental mission is to put nature at the disposal of Man in an appropriate and safe manner for it to be usable and provide well-being.
This concept has evolved and is now present in the most complex and technologically advanced areas, in telecommunications, IT, information systems, nanotechnology, bioengineering, energy production and efficiency, the sustainable management of the natural and built environments, and the complex structures of networks or of works, many of which are true “masterpieces”.
Portuguese Engineering has developed in Portugal and abroad with activities and works of recognized value, many of which have collected international awards.
It is naturally an area that has what it takes to remain, for working, studying, analyzing, designing, and conceiving and for giving its best contribution in the construction of the country and of society.

Technical Details
Date of Issue: 19 October 2012
Values: stamps of 0,32€, 0,47€, 0,57€, 0,68€, 0,80€ and 1,800€
Special sheet: with two sets
Designer: João Machado
Printer: Joh. Enschedé
Process: Offset 4 Colors
Size: 80 x 30,6 mm
Size special sheet: 110 x 185 mm
Perforation: Cross of Christ 13 x 13
Paper: FSC 110 g./m2
Sheet: with 50 stamps

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  1. Luis, esta série sobre a engenharia portuguesa é fantástica!!! Merece uma futura troca.