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BRAZIL – Cover from São Paulo, Brazil to Braga, Portugal

21ª LUBRAPEX postcard
Cover, postcards and stamps posted on February, 07 2013.
(A very special thanks to my friend João Augusto)

The stamp highlights, right and in the foreground, the figure of Jorge Amado, and discloses, in the bottom right, the logo of the Philatelic Exhibition Luso-Brazilian-Lubrapex.

At the bottom and to the left, is the facade of Casa de Jorge Amado Foundation, one of the leading institutions dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the writer's work, built in colonial style and located in Largo do Pelourinho, in Salvador / BA.
Representing the vast work of the writer, the stamp highlights a woman's figure, symbolizing one of his best-known characters: Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon.
The technique used was watercolor and colored pencil.

Technical Details
Jorge Amado 100 Anos
Date of Issue: November 10, 2012
Values: one stamp of R$ 1,20
Designer: Fernando Lopes
Printer: Correios do Brasil
Process: offset
Size: 38 x 38 mm
Perforation: 11½ x 11½
Paper: Gumed Couche
Sheet: sheets of 24 stamps
The se-tenant with two stamps shows, in the first stamp in the red background, a design inspired in the creation of designer Paula Su, a dragon - because it is the year 2012 in the Chinese lunar calendar, the year of the Dragon, the sea and the boat symbolize the arrival of the first Chinese immigrants.
The second stamp illustrates the cultural exchange between the two cultures.
The Dragon Dance, a show in traditional Chinese culture, involves the Sugar Loaf hill in thanks to the reception received from the Brazilian people and recalls the long history of friendly exchanges of the two countries.
The Brazilian culture is present in football that interacts with the dragon, representing good integration between the two peoples. The fireworks show of the festival time.
The color red symbolizes China, while the colors green and yellow, Brazil.

Technical Details
Bicentenário da Imigração Chinesa no Brasil
Date of Issue: December 10, 2012
Values: se-tenant stamp of R$ 2,90 each
Designer: Adriana Shibata
Printer: Casa da Moeda do Brasil
Process: offset
Size: 40 x 30 mm
Perforation: 12 x 11½
Paper: Gumed Couche
Sheet: sheets of 16 stamps

The souvenir sheet reproduces, in dark tones and clean lines, architectural monuments dedicated to Brasília: the seal right Catetinho (the first official residence of the President of the Republic, in the new capital), and the statue of Juscelino Kubitschek (JK Memorial).
On the stamp of the left, the Metropolitan Cathedral (having, on his right, the logo of the XVI National Eucharistic Congress, illustrating the block on the left, the logo of the fiftieth GMT), the center, the statue of Candangos, uniting the two stamps forming a se-tenant, and, in the extreme, the youngest and most beautiful architectural works in the city, the National Museum (next to the National Library / Cultural Complex of the Republic) and JK Bridge.
The souvenir sheet in the shape of a bird, shows at the top, at faint lines, the outline of the Pilot Plan, on a background composed, which represents the sky and the lawn of the Ministries Esplanade, the predominant hues in April, the month the inauguration of Brasilia.
Techniques of photography, vector drawing and computer graphics had been used.

Technical Details
Série Brasília – Sonho e Realidade: Monumentos e XVI Congresso Eucarístico Nacional
Date of Issue: May 13, 2010
Values: souvenir sheet with two stamps of R$ 2,70 each
Designer: Míriam Guimarães
Printer: Casa da Moeda do Brasil
Process: offset
Size: 40 x 30 mm
Perforation: 11½ x 12
Paper: Gumed Couche
Sheet: souvenir sheet with two stamps

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