Saturday, May 3, 2014

CTT Public Company

First Day Cover
In 1520, Luiz Homem, by royal charter of 6th November, issued by king D. Manuel l, was entrusted with the duty of operating the postal service in Portugal, having been appointed to the office of first Postmaster General of the Reign.
Although private postal services were already in existence, belonging to the monarch and various illustrious figures, it was with this royal charter that the principle of public mail, open to whoever wished to use it, was institutionalized.
And it was this event of 6th November 1520 that conventionally marked the of the mail service in Portugal.
In 1606, after the death of Manoel de Gouvea (1598), fourth Postmaster General of the Reign, and a period when this office was exercised in an interim manner, king Felipe III of Spain (Felipe II of Portugal) decided to sell it to Luiz Gomes da making it officially hereditary.
This was the first privatisation of postal activity in our country.
Later, in 1797, the office of Postmaster General of the Reigns and Domains was extinct and reincorporated under the Crown through license of 16th March, during the of queen D. Maria l. At that time it was considered necessary for the State to claim for the Crown the Administration of the Postal Services, putting an end to the saga of the Postmaster Generals, and awarding the last - Manuel José da Maternidade da Mata de Souza Coutinho - with the title of Count of Penafiel, and later, the position of Minister Plenipotentiary and peer of the reign.
Close to 500 years later, this noble duty - the oldest in Portugal with formally structured activity - faces the challenges of the future with the opening of its equity to private investment.
The privatisation in December 2013 through placement on the capital market was a great success, having attracted representative international institutional investors and achieved the participation of
individuals who generated demand greater than nine times the shares on sale. This operation was conducted with rigour and transparency, emblematic and highty demonstrative of the country's capacity.
Currently, with shares listed on Euronext Lisbon, CTT shall continue to be a company which is increasingly more present in the life of all Portuguese, where proximity to all and the trust that has always been given to us are the crucial factors to tighten relations with People and companies.
With one of the largest networks in Portugal, CTT considers that the future will bring excellent opportunities and determination to further improve, ensuring that it is and shall be a modern, dynamic, innovative and sustainable company, based on exceptional professionals.
Francisco de Lacerda
Chairman of the board and CEO
CTT Correios de Portugal

Technical Details
Date of Issue: 27 January 2014
Designer: Design & etx / Elizabete Fonseca
Photos: Pedro Mónica
Credits: Arquivo CTT e Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações
Printer: Cartor
Process: Offset
Size: stamps:
Souvenir sheet: 125 x 95 mm
Perforation: 13 x 13 with Cross of Christ
Paper: FSC 110 g./m2

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