Sunday, October 31, 2010

FRANCE – Cover from Paris, France to Braga, Portugal

Cover with stamps of the issues ‘Papillon - Morpho bleu‘ and ‘Pont Aqueduc d'Arcueil Cachan’ plus six definitive stamps ‘Marianne et l'Europe’ issued in 2009 posted on September, 27 2010. (A very special thanks to my friend Yu Kitaev from Russia)

Papillon - Morpho bleu
The butterfly is considered a symbol of grace and lightness. It also symbolizes the resurrection, the sun in the Aztec women in Japan, and is married to the soul of love in Greek mythology. It has always amazed and inspired men, in painting, poetry. The blue mor
pho illustrates the stamp from the block Nature 2010.

Issue Date: 06 September 2010
Print Technique: Photogravure
Author: Christophe Drochon

Pont Aqueduc d'Arcueil CachanClassified historic monument, the aqueduct of Arcueil-Cachan consists of three successive titles. The first, dating from the Gallo-Roman Wissous fed from Rungis and the baths of Lutetia (Cluny), there are only two blocks of masonry, but his journey underground is well known. The second, the Medici aqueduct, built in stone in the seventeenth century to feed the Left Bank of Paris and especially the Luxembourg Palace built at the request of Marie de Medici. The third, the Vanne aqueduct, built in rubble by the engineer Eugene Belgrand the nineteenth century, rests on the Medici aqueduct and leads the waters of the valve (a tributary of the Yonne) to tanks Paris Montsouris. With a length of 990 m, the aqueduct has 77 arches of 10 m wide, has a height of 38 m at the lowest point of the valley. Always On, with a capacity of 145,000 m³ / day, the aqueduct supplies nearly a third of Paris.

Issue date: 27 September 2010
Print Technique: Intaglio
Author: Yann Gafsou

(2009 definitive stamps Marianne et l'Europe)

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