Friday, October 15, 2010

GERMANY – Cover from Ruhr, Germany to Braga, Portugal

Cover with two stamps of 0.55€ from the ‘300 years porcelain manufacture in Germany’ stamps issue, posted on August, 12 2010.
(A very special thanks to my friend Igor Adolph)

When Johann Friedrich Bottger, 15 January 1708 in a laboratory note documented the successful firing of a white, translucent ceramic body, takes the success story of the first European porcelain began. Further experiments and developments are necessary to August the Strong, 23, finally January 1710 in a decree written in four languages, the creation of the Royal-Polish and Electoral Saxon Porcelain Manufactory proclaimed.
Their first production was from 1710 to Albrecht Castle. From the perfect combination of soil, water, fire and air has developed an arts and crafts, which produces still treasures from porcelain. Today nothing more indicative of the efforts and conditions of the first porcelain in Germany 300 years ago. The precious material, however, still fascinates people.
Today, the porcelain is the most important cultural assets in Europe.
(Text extracted from the issue brochure)

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