Friday, December 24, 2010

FRANCE – Cover from Paris, France to Braga, Portugal

Cover with parcel of the Sandro Botticelli souvenir sheet posted on December, 6 2010.
(A very special thanks to my friend Fatwa Abd)

(Christmas postcard)

(Portuguese 1996 Christmas postcard)

Among the works of Botticelli that is attributed to the period known icons of the Renaissance figure Printemps, a work created around 1482. He was placed in a surreal nature that allegory of spring whose figures are taken from classical mythology, Venus in the center, the Zephyr wind nymph Chloris and Flora right, Mercury to the left, the three Graces .... A work whose symbolism is more complex than it seems.

Date of Issue: 08-11-2010
Type: Commemorative souvenir sheet
Denomination: 0.87€ and 1.40€
No. of Stamp in Set: 2
Size: 143 x 105 mm
Color: Multicolor
Process of Printing: photogravure
Protection of the stamp:
Printer: La Poste, France

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