Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Portuguese Stamps Day 2010

Braga’s philatelic exhibition at Casa dos Crivos, Braga.

This year thematic is about ‘The Harbor Bridge’ or Prozelo, a medieval bridge that crosses the Cávado river between the municipalities of Braga and Amares.

The bridge is composed of granitic eleven arches and an uneven board, narrow and irregular, six feet and eight tenths of width between enclosure walls, and o
ne hundred fifty feet long. It also has strong upstream and timpani that comes out the core elements. The first crossing of the river in this zone, which has been registered, were in the Via Nova, best known for Geira made by local boats in port. It is believed that after a bridge was built. The existing bridge was built in the Middle Ages. Until the bridge's construction of the Prado, was the only bridge in the existing low across the Cávado river.

In 1910 it was designated a National Monument.

Your name, port, is a word of the archaic language Galician-Portuguese Portuguese meaning the current way point.

Legend has it that this bridge was built in one night. While the women were bringing the stones that came from lands of Bouro, about 30 km distant, the men
built it, in order to conquer the land across the River.

Personalized stamp

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