Friday, April 29, 2011

LATVIA – Cover from Riga, Latvia to Braga, Portugal

Registered First Day Cover with set of stamps from the stamps issue ‘Europa - Forest’ posted on April, 8 2011.
(Special thanks to my best friend Juris Tarvids)

Latvian Post issued two new stamps in the nationwide series of postage Europe - this year devoted to the forest theme, and designed by artist Edgar Folks.

Latvian Post issued a series of European Forest postage birch grove par value is LVL 0.55 (corresponding to a simple cost of sending the letter to European Union countries), while the postage Spruce opened its par value is LVL 1.20 (corresponding to a registered letter sent to European Union countries).

Series of postage Europe is an initiative of the Postal Union, and this series of postage stamps, single pan-European, with a single logo, are being issued since 1994. Latvian Post traditionally issued two postage stamps in the series every year.

Technical Details
Date of Issue: 8 April 2011
Values: 0.55 Ls and 1.20 LS
Subject: Europa 2011 - Forest
Designer: Edgar Folks
Process: Lithography

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