Sunday, April 3, 2011

RUSSIA – Cover from St. Petersburg, Russia to Braga, Portugal.

Cover with three stamps from the 2008 ‘The decorative art of Dagestan‘ stamps issue posted on March, 1 2011.
(Special thanks to my best friend Yu Kitaev)

Miniature Sheet
The decorative art of Dagestan
Arts and crafts of Dagestan reflect rich inner world of nationalities of republic, its connection with surrounding nature. The history of Territory, which is not one thousand years old, was reflected in national crafts. Artistic functions of folk art, its deep spiritual essence most fully reveal in products of silver, intended as for daily, so for holiday life of people. The Dagestan art absorbed both west and east traditions as the Near-Caspian lowland was situated on crossing of ways connecting East Europe with Forward Asia. Material is given by Dagestan museum of fine arts of P.S.Gamzatova.

Technical Details
Date of Issue: 18 December 2008
Values: 4 stamps of 7.50 Rubles
Subject: Arts and crafts of Dagestan
Designer: Komsa R.
Process: Offset
Size: 37.0 mm x 50.0 mm
Perforation: 12 x 12
Watermark: Coated paper
Sheet: 12 stamps (4x3)
Miniature sheet with two stamp sets

Postcard of Church of the Savior on Blood

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