Wednesday, November 10, 2010

RUSSIA – Cover from Samara, Russia to Braga, Portugal

Registered cover with the stamp from the 2009 ‘200th Anniversary of Birth Of Vladimir Istomin’. Several additional definitive stamps from 2002, 2005 and 2009 are also present.
Interesting detail related with the flag of Samara!

The 200th anniversary of birth of Vladimir Istomin, the hero of the Sevastopol defense 1854-1855.

Vladimir Ivanovich Istomin (1809-1855) - the hero of Sevastopol defense,
Rear Admiral. He participated in the naval Battle of Navarino in 1827, in the battle against the Turkish fleet in the Mediterranean Sea in 1828-1829. Since 1850 he was the commander of the battleship "Paris", which destroyed three Turkish ships and the central coastal battery of the enemy in the naval Sinop Battle in 1853. He was awarded the rank of Rear Admiral for the achievements in battle. From the beginning of the defense of Sevastopol he commanded the 4th range of Malakhov barrow. For his courage he was awarded the Order of St. George of 3rd degree. He was killed by a cannon ball on the Kamtchatka Lunette. The stamp presents the portrait of V.I.Istomin, a fragment of the battleship "Paris" with waving flag of St. Andrew, the scene of Sevastopol defense.
Designer: Kernosov A.
Date of issue: 14-10-2009
Printing method: offset
Coated paper Colors: four Perforation: co
mb 12:11 ½ Sheets of 25 (5x5) stamps
Face value: 10.00

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