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RUSSIA – Cover sent from Krasnodar, Russia to Braga, Portugal

Registered FDC cover of the 2006 - ‘The 50th anniversary of the Russian Research of Antarctica’ commemorative issue and to complete the postal rate, one stamp from the 2009 - ‘The 50th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty’ commemorative issue and 5 stamps of 5.00 from the 2005’s definitive issue, posted on September, 03 2010.
(Special thanks to my friend Vladimir Gritsay)

In 2009 the Antarctic Treaty celebrates its 50th anniversary.The document came into force on December 1st, 1959 after its ratification by 12 countries - first
members. The main purpose of the Treaty - to ensure the peaceful exploration of Antarctica to the benefit of the whole mankind; it provides the freedom of scientific researches and promotes international cooperation.
The stamp presents the attributes of Russian Antarctic investigation
s – cross-country vehicle "Kharkovchanka-2", weather balloon, solar battery, automatic weather station - on the background of the contours of the Antarctic Region and the flag of the Russian Federation.

Designer:Date of issue: 30-11-2009
Printing method: offset + silver paste
Coated paperColors: four
Perforation: comb 12 ½: 12
Sheets of 36 (6x6) stamps

The diesel-electric ship Obj became the ensign ship of the complex Antarctic expedition, which was delivered by it to the shore of Antarctica on the 5th of January 1956.From here on the construction of “Mirni” observatory, which was the main base of the Soviet Antarctic expeditions from 1956 to 1971, began.
The observatory was opened on the 13th of February, 1956, because of conducting of the International geophysical year. Twenty main buildings, special magnetic, seismic and upper-air stations, geophysical, geological, gravimetrical and other laboratories, radio station, which had the direct connection with Moscow, were constructed in “Mirni”.
The scientific village is situated on the shore of Deivis’s sea, on a small projectio
n named “Mirni” peninsula.
The observatory is situated on the height of 35 meters above the sea level.

The decision to prepare the transport aircraft Il-76 TD for flights to Antarctica was made in 1985 with the aim of reduction of time and costs connected with the delivery of participants of Antarctic expedition, cargo and equipment to the 6th continent and back.
The job and the checkout connected with the 1st flight equ
ipment had been finished by the beginning of the 1986.
The ice-airfields near the “Molodjozhnaja” and “Novolazarevskaja” polar stations had been prepared at the same time.
The scientific expedition ship “Akademician Feodorov” was launched in 1987. This ship is unique in its own way.
It has no analogues in supplying the Antarctic expeditions worldwide. The amount of cargo and the number of people, delivered to the ice continent on
board the “Academician Feodorov” is uncountable.

The interest in Antarctica research has not been weakening during the last half of the century.
The important researches relating to our planet the Earth in general may be executed in Antarctica (especially in its remote parts).
The snow beddings contain information about the climate history during tens of thousands of years.
The huge lake (the Earth’s forth according to size) of very
old origin was found under the 400 kilometers of ice at the place of the deposition of the Russian Antarctic station “Vostok”.
The analysis of the bacterium which has been evidently remained in the water may clarify the problem of origin of life on our planet.

Designer: Fedulov A.
Date of issue: 26-01-2006Printing method: offset
Coated paper
Colors: four
Perforation: comb 12 : 12
Sheets of 36 (6x6) stamps
Face value: 3 x 7.00
Description: The Obj Diesel-electric Ship.The Il-76TD transport aircraft and the research expedition s
hip “The Academician Feodorov”.
The scientific investigations, the under the ice research, the sledge transport train.

(2005 definitive stamps)

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