Saturday, August 7, 2010

CZECH REPUBLIC – FDCs from Vodochody, Czech Republic to Braga, Portugal

FDC with stamp from the issue ‘Beauties of our Country: Štramberk’ issued on 16 of June of 2010, posted on July, 26 2010.
Two definitive stamps at the back.
(Special thanks to my friend Jirí Gýra)

Beauties of our Country: Štramberk

Štramberk is a town in North Moravia, located on the sides of the Zámecký, the Kotouč and the Bílá hora hills in the region of the Libotínské Hills, in the forefront of the Beskydy Mountains. The town of Štramberk is much younger than the castle of the same name, whose gothic tower Trúba (40m high, 10m in diameter), used since 1903 as a view tower, dominates the town. The initial settlement were only a few cottages with thatched roofs, inhabited by the castle soldiers. In 1359 Margrave John Henry established a town called Strahlenberk in the location. Štramberk continued as a small community for centuries, until the late 19th century's boom due to the extensive lime mining industry set up in the neighbourhood. In 1886 the town council set up a post office, followed by a telegraph office. Electricity installations first appeared in 1921. The Town Conservation Area covers not only the town centre but also the historical wooden buildings on the outskirts of the town. The town park Národní sad (National Natural Memorial Šipka) on the Kotouč hill, with the Šipka caves famous for the discovery of a fraction of the lower jaw of a Neanderthal child, hosts a gallery of statues and monuments dedicated to great persons of the Czech history. It is also the location of Zdeněk Burian's Museum. Štramberk became a Town Conservation Area in 1951.

Date of Issue: 16. 06. 2010
Face value: 12 CZK Dimensions: 26 x 40 mm
Stamps per Sheet: 8
Number in set: 2
Stamp designer: Jan Maget
Stamp engraver: Bohumil Šneider
Printer: Česká Pošta
Print technology: recess print from flat plates

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