Monday, August 30, 2010

GREENLAND - Cover from Tasiilaq, Greenland to Braga, Portugal

Official Greenland postal administration cover with stamp from the ‘Air Greenland 50th anniversary’ stamp issue posted on April, 20 2010.

During its lifetime, Air Greenland has facilitated in transporting people around Greenland and, in 2010, it is celebrating its 50 anniversary since the company first operated aircraft in Greenland. The jubilee year commences on 18th January 2010 when POST Greenland will issue a commemorative postage stamp and Air Greenland will, at the same time, launch its commemorative website this will be followed up with celebrations around the coast during the jubilee year, and of course, aboard the aircraft.
(text extracted from the Greenland Collector Magazine)

Air Greenland 50th anniversary
Value: DKK 16.50
Date of issue: 18th January 2010
40 stamps per sheet
Size: F - Vertical
Artist: Ina Rosing
Outer measurements: 33.44mm x 28.84mm
Typography: Dorit Olsen Printing method: Offset
Paper: Sopal

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