Saturday, August 28, 2010

SERBIA - Cover from Belgrade, Serbia to Braga, Portugal

Registered cover with stamps and souvenir sheet the ‘FIFA World Cup 2010’ stamps issue posted on July, 20 2010.

Stamps and
souvenir sheet from the Serbian FIFA 2010 stamps issue.

With this letter I received the stamps and FDC of the Serbian EXPO 2010 Shanghai participation stamps issue.

Title of issue: World Exhibition - SHANGHAI 2010
Date of Issue: 22-06-2010.

Face value: 22 and 50 CSD
Perforation: Layout/Format:
Stamps per sheet: 10
Number in set: 2
Stamp designer: Nadežda Skočajić
Stamp engraver:
Printer: Forum at Novi Sad, Serbia
Print technology: Offset

In this jubilee year, which marks the 110th anniversary of the presentation of the Kingdom of Serbia at the Paris World Expo – for which the Serbian Painter Paja Jovanović created his historical piece “Crowning of Emperor Dušan on April 14 1346” and won a gold medal – Serbia will have a change to appear for the first time as an independent state in a World Expo – EXPO 2010 Shanghai. China, as the pretender to the future throne of global economy, has left nothing to chance: this will be the largest World Expo ever, with about 200 exhibiting countries and an estimated attendance of 70 to 100 million. Visitors of the Pavilion will learn about the economic, cultural and tourism potentials of Serbia, with sports and famous Serbian sportsmen and women as the distinguishing feature of our country at this prestigious world event.
EXPO exhibitions are thematic, and this year national Pavilions in Shanghai will offer their visions of better life in urban environments.
This year’s World Expo theme, “Better City, Better Life”, will be met by Serbia’s “City Code”, an effort to divine the code rooted deep in the Serbian city, the code that is the fine thread linking the past, the present and the future of cities, the code that is at once both unmistakably local and universal to all cities the world over. Like the threads of traditional carpets for which the town of Pirot in Serbia is known, the elements of urban life intertwine, creating a unique, always new pattern – the city code. Serbia Pavilion will also offer concrete solutions for better life in cities, emphasizing time as one of the codes and a versatile resource. The better we learn to make use of time, with higher quality and efficiency, the more pleasant and fulfilled our living in urban environments will be. Time will be the cohesion factor for numerous exhibits and events at the Serbia Pavilion, e.g. the art installations “Time Machine”, “Roundabout” and “The Beautiful Face of Serbia”, which will give Serbian citizens an opportunity to present to Pavilion visitors their vision of better use of time in urban environments. The calendar of our renowned scientists Milutin Milanković will be one of the highlights of the exhibition.

For some, this World Expo will reveal a glimpse of the future; for others, that future has already began. Hopefully, this Expo will also be a milestone for Serbia, both in terms of the country’s attitude to urban life and in terms of promotion of Serbia as a modern European country with long tradition and rich heritage, or, as the centerpiece of our exhibition area neatly sums it up: “Serbia – the Garden of Europe”.
Artistic realization of the stamps: Nadežda Skočajić, graduated graphic designer.
(Extract from the Serbian Post announcing bulletin)

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