Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SINGAPORE – Cover from Singapore to Braga, Portugal,

Cover with four stamps from the 2006’s Singapore-Japan joint issue: flowers posted on July, 8 2010.
(A very special thanks to my friend Terence Wong)

40th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship and international letter writing week on Japan - Flowers.
Six identical stamps. Flowers, Singaporean orchids: A, Vanda Mimi Palmer and B, Renanthera Singaporeans, C, Vanda Miss Joaquim (Singapore National flower) and D, Mokara Lion's Gold; paintings Flowers and birds of the Four Seasons Drawing on a Folding Screen by Hoitsu Sakai, E, summer with hollyhocks and heron, F, summer with iris and moorhens. Japanese stamps are only available in a miniature sheet in which stamps A and B as well as C and D are
se-tenant. Multicolored and hot stamp technique (gold foil for Singapore).

With the letter I received the then set of 10 stamps and the FDC of the Sing post 26 of May 2010 'Known 10 Trees' stamps issue featuring various essential trees of Singapore. The ten trees of Singapore are Rain Tree, Angsana, Yellow Flame, Senegal Mahogany, Broad-leafed Mahogany, Tembusu, Sea Apple, Saga, Trumpet Tree and Sea Almond.

(The stamps)

(The FDC)

(The brochure)

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