Thursday, August 5, 2010

HONG-KONG - Cover from Kawlonn, Hong-Kong to Braga, Portugal

First Day Cover with stamp of 2$40 from the ‘Hong Kong's Participation in Expo 2010 Shanghai China’ stamps issue posted on April, 27 2010.
(Special thanks to my friend Brian Kam

"Hong Kong's Participation in Expo 2010 Shanghai China" Special Stamps
Date of Issue: 27 April 2010

A set of special stamps is issued to commemorate Hong Kong's participation in Expo 2010 Shanghai China (Shanghai Expo) under the theme "Better City, Better Life". The event will be held at the waterfront on both sides of the Huangpu River in Shanghai from 1 May to 31 October 2010. It offers a great opportunity for Hong Kong to showcase to the world its local and global connectivity, infinite creativity and extraordinary charm as an international metropolis.

Hong Kong will participate in Shanghai Expo in four areas: constructing and operating a stand-alone Hong Kong Pavilion under the theme "Hong Kong - Potential Unlimited"; taking part in the Urban Best Practices Area Exhibition under the theme "Smart Card‧Smart City‧Smart Life"; taking part in Expo Shanghai Online to provide netizens with a realistic, virtual experience of Hong Kong's participation in Shanghai Expo; and organising events and activities before and during the Expo period to promote Hong Kong's innovation and creativity in cultural and other different fields.

In a modern, stylish design, this set of four stamps features an ingenious integration of our harbour view with images of a dragon dance, a green leaf, Tsing Ma Bridge and a smart card to highlight our uniqueness as a cosmopolitan city of pluralistic culture, quality life and sustainable development. This perfectly complements the theme of Shanghai Expo.

$1.40 - Dragon Dance
A traditional festive performance, the dragon dance is a distinct heritage of Chinese society. It is an icon of living cultural traditions in Hong Kong, a dynamic city where East meets West, and old merges with new.

$2.40 - Green Leaf
A symbol of beautiful nature, the green leaf represents an essential element of a vibrant eco-city - the harmonious coexistence of modern architecture and natural environment.

$3 - Tsing Ma Bridge
A magnificent landmark, this infrastructure interconnects with the Hong Kong International Airport and other major trunk roads to form an extensive transport network, securing closer links with Mainland cities and other parts of the world.

$5 - Smart Card
An exemplary technological innovation that brings breakthroughs to our city life, the smart card testifies to our commitment to developing innovation and technology for a better future with enhanced efficiency and quality of life. A strong sense of vitality is conveyed through the smooth and lively patterns in delightfully bright colours. The emblem of Shanghai Expo and the appearance of the Hong Kong Pavilion in the lower corners symbolise Hong Kong's participation in a spectacular event that will capture the world's imagination. (Extract from the Hong-Kong Post announcing bulletin)

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